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Jim Carr

A message from PEF Retirees President Jim Carr

PEF Retirees pursue common goals

As the president of PEF Retirees, I sincerely thank the union’s leaders for giving me the opportunity to address the delegates to PEF’s 35th annual convention, held recently in Buffalo. I believe it was the first time a PEF Retirees president was asked to speak at a PEF convention. 

My message was simple, “With leadership comes responsibility.” We must educate ourselves and then keep our members informed on the issues that effect us all.

I challenged the delegates to educate themselves about PEF Retirees and then inform their members of the value in joining us upon their retirement:
• We organize our members to defend our earned benefits, such as our pensions, Social Security, state health insurance, and Medicare;
• We are retired public employees. Any retired public employee may join us;
• We are chapter driven;
• We have an active chapter in every PEF Region of New York and we have members in all parts of the country;
• Our annual dues are $18 by automatic pension deduction or $21 if paid by check;
• PEF pays for its members’ first year of membership, but they still need to sign up with us; and
• Health insurance for retired state and municipal employees in New York is administered by the state Department of Civil Service and, unlike our pensions, health benefits are not guaranteed by the state constitution. 

I explained we are politically engaged because what happens in Albany and in Washington affects us all. Therefore, the best way retirees can keep the benefits we earned is by organizing. 

To be effective as an organization we need everyone’s active participation and assistance. Our ability to provide retirees the quality of living they deserve depends directly on the volume and involvement of our membership. 

As retirees, we know from experience union issues are retiree issues and union concerns are community concerns. We are committed to maintaining a secure retirement while leaving our communities better than we found them.

I asked the delegates to “give your members a few minutes of your time when they are headed out the door for retirement. Sign them up for PEF Retirees." 

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